Getting into the President’s mind

Don’t say it’s impossible.

Don’t say he doesn’t have one.

Seeing Donald J. Trump elected President of the United States is virtually unimaginable.

How he did it the first time amazes and perplexes the various political science minds.

It is too bad that he was elected into such a hostile swamp.

Hostile swamp

Within his own party there was reckless abandonment.

His Congress is controlled by the hostile party.

The Senate initially was controlled by his party, but they weren’t happy he was their president.

In this governmental swamp… nearly any virus could have mutated to destroy him.


Trump is a typical rich man.

Views himself as a tycoon.

Considers himself in many ways above the law since early in his life.

He has had an inclination to vulgarity typical of his wealth and commercial power.

Unpleasant or undesirable personality traits don’t get you elected president.

He liked his famous power-saying “You’re Fired!”

By design or default, he managed to navigate the waters of politics on a theme of “draining the swamp.” Sadly he has failed.

Christian support facilitated election

During his campaign, he couldn’t help but notice that “Christian” support was strong.

Many say that he really manipulated Christians, knowing just what to say to trip their trigger — but failing to speak the entire truth.

No matter how he managed it, he became President.

Rallying Christian support

He realized he had the support of several high-visibility Christian leaders who each rallied their circle of influences to help him win.

He heard the applause all the way to Washington, DC when he talked about standing up to governments around the globe who persecuted religion and churches.

This was a string he became very proficient at pulling when he needed support.

His personal commitment

Now, he has his own “religious advisor.” A woman no less.

This shows he doesn’t adhere to Biblical the principles and hermeneutics of many denominations.

Rich, richer, and now elected

However, he’s rich first by inheritance, richer by business prowess and intoxicated by his success and its entitlements.

When you add his election victory to these traits you almost don’t expect his feet to touch the ground.

And now a pandemic starts …

Once this who pandemic issue started … whether fraud or fact … the President addressed the American public from the Oval Office.

During this speech — which was still more about how great he was than about how serious things were about to get — he did call for the coming Sunday to be a “National Day of Prayer.”

His proclamation included:

NOW, THEREFORE, I, DONALD J. TRUMP, President of the United States of America, do hereby proclaim March 15, 2020, as a National Day of Prayer for All Americans Affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic and for our National Response Efforts.

Again, another evidence that Trump knows the brand, but he lacks understanding of the faith.

He’s no different really than most Americans: “Let’s all gather around and say a prayer and God will simply solve our problems.” Nope, won’t work.

I’m sure, that although I have no confidence in his “spiritual advisor,” even she knows that this “single-transaction” approach to seeking God’s help is not likely to be sufficient.

And, it wasn’t.

Positive thinking?

As time has passed, Trump’s “RAH RAH” efforts at motivational or inspirational speaking has been a failure.

All “his” hopes, dreams, delusions have faded into the bold reality of the hard data.

A few days ago, I saw in the daily briefing, a President who was truly DEFEATED.

All his positive thinking was ineffective.

All his clever terminology was useless.

All his self-promoting rhetoric was meaningless.

He stood there somber and for the first time stated that the Pandemic is going to be “much worse” than we had hoped.

Hoping, not Praying

Than he had “hoped” — but not as he had “prayed.”

All the religious people around Trump know and surely have been faithful to their respective belief systems to tell him about what prayer is all about.

They’ve told him how it can CURE a land from whatever befalls it.

The failures of mankind, the blunders of governance … all have since the beginning been a failure … apart from a genuine understanding of God and His unlimited power, visible and invisible attributes and His care for “His people.”

My friends … Donald J. Trump knows the Cure to our pandemic.

But like “most Americans,” he expresses a “form of Godliness” — while simultaneously “denying the power thereof.”