Trump is keeping Covid-19 CURE a secret.

There are conspiracy theories abounding about the present travail our country finds itself it.

Which conspiracy theory do you believe… or think more likely to be true than others?

God blesses my life, even during this time, with conversations with many people.

Thank God for my cell phone and my Internet!

I get to communicate with people who have many different perspectives on our situation.

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Some say we’re not being told the truth. It’s a hoax.

Some I talk to still don’t believe WE are being told the truth.

They cite web reports “from doctors” who prove not to be doctors.

About refrigerated trailers in New York City that, contrary to news reports, are empty.

They think it is possible all this is a hoax… like the moon landing and other events.

Some say it’s worse than we’re being told.

Others I talk to say it is worse than “they are telling us.”

They’re saying there is a grand conspiracy to withhold the death toll so the public won’t rampage.

These folks consider this could be the threshold for the End of the Age.

My thoughts?

Frankly, I think both views above are incorrect.

My opinions may not be any more valid or accurate than any other person’s opinion.

But… after spending more than 30 years in the intelligence community, I think I can ferret out a more accurate conspiracy view than you may have heard yet.

And I think Trump is keeping the cure secret.

Today, I am using this means to inform you that Trump knows the cure to our situation — and he’s keeping it secret!

Interested in proof? Then read on.

A cure for what?

For a moment, let’s separate the United States from the world and get our magnifying glass out and look at the minutiae.

We have to examine our current situation carefully — it has many facets and much foolishness.

We need to see exactly what cure is available and how effective it really is … because … you know many lies are being circulated.

Disease element – COVID-19

We need to understand that “big pharma” makes billions or maybe trillions by discovering a problem.

Then, big pharma makes more money when it discovers a partial solution — and finally discovers the total solution.

At least this is true, according the conspiracy theories.

Even the slightest research shows that a lot of research was already being done on the entire “family” of “Coronaviruses” — before COVID-19 appeared.

These nasty little inanimate specs of matter are really not new.

We’ve dealt with them before in other mutations and we’ve learned to detect them and kill them.

Disease and Mutation

However, because Coronaviruses “mutate,” scientists play a constant game to estimate the next mutation.

You’ll remember in a previous message I explained that God creates all things in perfection and purity.

It is Satan who “mutates”… changes, corrupts, damages God’s perfect creation.

Also, we discussed how Satan can manipulate mankind to corrupt many things for his own purposes.

This disease is novel, all right.

In the media you will see many names for this “COVID-19” virus … I point your attention to the one calling it “Novel Coronavirus-19.”

Interesting prefix, worth understanding.

“Novel” … means new, unique, unlike others of similar design.

“Coronavirus” is the family name and “19” confirms they’ve seen 18 previous variants from the family.

So … how will it evolve?

Sooner  or later, the virus will either:

  • Annihilate the population
  • Self-destruct through further mutation
  • Be destroyed by non-human external forces (environmental) or
  • Be destroyed by human means.
  • or … God will destroy the virus by supernatural means.

Ignoring the disease will probably produce the worst-case scenario (#1).  Trump and all America knows this is the wrong

Defeat the Virus.

Trump “mentioned” early on he was calling for a national day of prayer.

He’s on the right track, but God isn’t interested in a single transaction of prayer.

God has given numerous explanations that if we are experiencing this problem because of our sin, the condition of man’s heart must change.

That requires more than “one day” of prayer.

Deep down, I believe President Trump realizes he’s helpless to defeat the virus within his own power.

No doubt, if it ever ends by other than a catastrophic outcome, he’ll claim credit for it.  We all know his propensities.

However, at the moment, the disease situation is what it is and we’ve heard everybody’s idea about how we should behave.