When asked why they did whatever they did in the skit … they popularized the saying, “The devil made me do it.”

People thought it was funny … but it isn’t. Actually, it is a lie.

Satan CANNOT make you do ANYTHING.

This lesson is part of our study about the “Storms of Life.”

Last lesson, our introduction explained both God’s purposes for storms and how Satan hopes to benefit when we are buffeted by the storms of life.

We identified 3-types of storms in our lives:

  • Satan-inspired storms
  • Self-conceived storms, and
  • Savior-serving storms …

Today we focus on Satan-inspired storms. Satan is a schemer for sure … so he hopes to benefit in some way by bringing trials and tribulations into our lives.

It’s difficult to study Satan’s storms, because we can’t fully understand just how unscrupulous — how vile and wicked Satan truly is — and how little regard he has for anyone but himself.

Satan is the “personification”of perfect depravity.

What does depraved … or depravity mean?

It means being absolutely and totally morally bad. A liar and evil. Without a fiber of truthfulness or integrity in one’s being.

Satan is a “spiritual being.” Though that is a complex subject, it is enough for now to simply understand that he is not human … not flesh and blood. He was created by God as a “spirit being.”

Actually, the devil was created as an Angel … in Heaven. That means, at one point in his existence, he was without sin.

But … Satan organized a great rebellion amongst the Angels of Heaven to overthrow God … he was cast out of heaven and sent to earth as the “prince and the power of the air … the ruler of darkness”who’s eternal fate is irreversibly determined … he will be removed from the earth … cast into Hell and away from the presence of God and God’s Children forever.

I believe that Satan understands his situation. However, because he is totally “depraved”… he enjoys his efforts trying to defeat the purposes of God … but he is never successful at such conspiracies … because God is OMNIPOTENT … all powerful … and God holds dominion over Satan.

The Bible states plainly that … Satan is the father of lies … the source of all temptation … and the Scripture warns us: “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour … ”

Satan is the source of many of life’s storms. But we need not fear … Satan cannot do anything to us that is not within God’s Will … but God does allow Satan to “rock the boat”we might say … from time to time.

Satan’s storms in our lives ALWAYS begin with some form of temptation.

Satan had the nerve to tempt Jesus Christ Himself! Though Satan knew who Jesus was … what His purpose was … Satan still brought Christ a storm of temptation just as Jesus was preparing to enter His early Ministry.