Storms … Temptations. Tribulations.

Storms in our lives come from temptations … but they also come from tribulations.

If you think back to the Old Testament, you may remember the account of Job.

Satan complains to God that Job is only faithful to God because God gives him everything he asks for.

Job is prosperous, living a very blessed life.

But Satan assures God that Job would deny him in a heartbeat if things ever didn’t go well with him.

Then, we read that God actually allowed Satan to test Job.

It’s a terrible story

First, Satan afflicts Job with boils. A painful, dreadful experience.

Job’s wife tells him “curse God and die,” but Job refuses.

Job’s “friends” say,  for sure he has sinned and he must simply repent.  But … Job knows he has not sinned against God.

Job’s children are killed.

Job loses all this livestock.

Job is bitterly manipulated by Satan.

And … finally … Job declares those famous words, “though He slay me, yet I will love him.”

God ends Satan’s tribulations of Job.

God restores to Job all that had been lost.

Job realizes that “friends”are not always who you should listen to.

And, Job becomes one of the greatest examples of unshakable faith in God found in all the Bible.

For a while … Satan’s storm raged in Job’s life.

But God brought him through the ordeal and made of him a great example.

So will God do the same thing for you when Satan tries to get you to “curse God and die.”

Satan is a loser.

And here is why.