This year newscasters are predicting an active season. They estimate 13-19 “named storms” (two have already been named) and 6-10 Hurricanes (1 of which may be brewing right now in the Gulf of Mexico).

More, they think three to six of those Hurricanes will be major storms.

That’s what the National Hurricane Center says.

Those are the season’s storm warnings.

But, the truth is … people don’t generally pay much attention to storm warnings — until the weatherman announces the “forecast track” is headed in our own direction.

I’m familiar with storms. I grew up in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Terre Haute is geographical center where U.S. 40 that goes East-West … intersects with U.S. 41 that runs North-South.

As a kid, I remember reading the sign that says:

“This is the crossroads of America.”

What the sign didn’t mention was that Wabash Avenue was also the main street of “Tornado Alley.”

No matter what season of the year … our weather in Terre Haute, Indiana was always something to keep your eyes on.

Storms formed in the Western skies.

You could generally see them coming from far enough away that you could seek shelter …unless of course it was the middle of the night.

Terre Haute had tornados, not hurricanes.

Now there’s a big difference between a Tornado and a Hurricane.

Tornadoes don’t get a name — and early warning is measured in minutes instead of days.

On the other hand, for hurricanes — at least here in Florida — the Hurricane Center can generally give us several days advanced notice that a Hurricane is approaching.

I’ve lived through a lot of storms … both Tornadoes and Hurricanes.

But in life, there are many other types of storms than weather-related storms.

Disturbances of normal conditions

The dictionary says “storms” are disturbances of the normal conditions … often accompanied by unusual and powerful winds … and troubling situations.

In “weather” terms, storms are often accompanied by rain, hail, thunder and lightning … or snow, sleet or freezing rain.

In “Life-Storms” … as I refer to them … we certainly experience disturbances of the normal conditions.

These disturbances can happen in our employment, finances, relationships and health — to name but a few.

Most of life’s “storms” are unexpected … not forecast … and often from nameless sources.

But — these types of storms can be as devastating as any tornado or hurricane. That’s because most often, they are “spiritually significant.”

We’re in the Pandemic-storm at the moment. Some say there will be several waves of this “storm” — over months, if not years.

Many see life as a continuous cycle of storms of one thing or another.

Some wise person has said:

“You’re either IN a storm … you just got OUT of a storm … or you’re FIXING to be in a storm!” That could be more true than we realize.

God KNOWS about the storms — all of them.

No matter what kind of a storm you care to talk about, it’s important to remember that God knows all about the storms … literally and figuratively.

None of them happen “by chance.”

Everything that happens … happens with God’s knowledge and consent … even with God’s purposes being accomplished.

In the Bible we read … in Romans 8:28:

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

Sometimes that’s nearly impossible to understand … especially when you experience a “destructive” storm of any type.

It is tough to embrace this Scripture when you stand in front of what used to be your home or business after it has literally been blown to bits by a storm. It is no easier to accept or explain, when you stand at the graveside of a loved one who died from the COVID19 pandemic — or as a business owner seeing his property destroyed by angry mobs rioting.

Today … I’m going to start a three-lesson series talking about the different types of “life storms” that sooner or later we are each likely to encounter. Actually, maybe you have already encountered and survived some of these storms … but remember that famous saying, “History repeats itself.” So we’re praying that looking at life’s storms will help us understand God’s purposes in allowing them into our lives.

First … let me identify the three (3) types of storms that you will experience in life:

  • Satan’s storms
  • Self-made storms
  • Savior-serving storms.

We’ll study each of these storm types separately, but we approach each type of storm hoping to see more clearly why God allows them … and to some degree how we are to handle them.

The storms of life are totally effective in fulfilling God’s purposes. God desires that we should withstand and be victorious over the storms brought on by Satan or Ourselves.

Over the next few lessons, we’ll think and talk about the 3 types of Storms we experience in life.

You can look at the reasons for storms in your life … and see both God’s Will and purposes as well as your Good.

Let us also remind ourselves how Satan tempts us … and may we stay vigilant in how we live.

And how we can and stay close to God … read His Word daily … pray often … and pray for each other … that our lives will be a shining example of the Christian’s life in a very sick world.