Financial element

We’re seeing the effects of the disease element on the world’s financial element.

Markets nearly crashed.

Nobody knows if the company whose stock bears a “symbol” that will survive.

Everyone is worrying for sure.

But worry has no force or effect on the problem.

The market will do what the market will do.


More people in America are unemployed that during the Great Depression … a fact that needs a context.

Nonetheless, not having a job means not having a paycheck.

No money, no food, no house, no car and no many other “things.”

Government assistance

Sadly, there’s an element of people in the United States that survive off the financial aid they can get from various agencies and charities.

But now we’re not talking about life-long entitlement beneficiaries, we’re talking about people who need their unemployment benefits.

And the computer networks are so overloaded, people spend days just trying to log on.


The American government has passed a law enabling the printing of “funny money” (unsecured debt that will be recovered through TAXES and assessments).

It is a bureaucratic effort — which means it will be slow and flawed.

It means there will be caveats and loopholes that will hurt some and over-compensate others.

At best, government assistance is a temporary and inadequate remedy.


You think this isn’t affected by the virus? You’re right.

Insiders indicate that abortions cleverly have been exempted from the prohibition against “elective surgeries” in hospitals.

Also, many abortions are conducted in “clinics” — not “hospitals” — and the clinics keep right on working.



Well, it us arguable whether or not education has been damaged much.

I’m beginning to wonder exactly how much “educating” is going on in our schools, colleges and universities.

Yet, I see how the Miami school district continue to “feed people.”

Since when is that a function of education?

I see the cars in the drive-through lanes at these schools … multiple bags being handed through the windows … and, exactly how many students are they feeding and how many non-students?

In America, families need to be more involved in the educational process of their children and keeping their kids disciplined and accountable.

We need a “Super-Cure”

Supposedly, the President of the United States is the most powerful person in the country.

Now, if you believe this, you’re not awake, you’re dreaming.

This country and its governance is a morass of evil intentions, power-driven, money-grabbing manipulators.

They are about as unlike our Founding Fathers as darkness is from light.

The President is confounded on every front.

He’s dealing with adversarial warriors who are angry they lost the election and will not rest until they resume power.

Don’t think …

Don’t think it’s about race.

Don’t think it’s about poverty.

It isn’t about Gender if you have one.

It’s just about RAW POWER and GREED.

Together, the government really has NO CURE for any of the problems… most of which THEY CREATED…